How a Motorcycle Saved a Marriage

We had a woman write in her story of how the purchase her husband made, saved their marriage. We wanted to share it with our fans because you don’t hear this very often.

Our Motorcycle Saved the Dayvirago-1379679_640

I’ve never liked surprises. I like to feel as though I’m in control of things. That’s probably why I was so frustrated by the relationship between me and my husband. It was in trouble. Actually, our marriage was a disaster. We rarely spoke to each other, and when we did it always ended up in an argument. At 54 years of age, I felt like divorce was the only thing I had to look forward to.

An Unexpected Event

I really felt out of control the day he bought a motorcycle. We had never talked about buying one. It surely wasn’t in the budget. I wasn’t even aware that he knew how to drive one.

I had been upstairs pretending to do some housework when he pulled into the driveway. By the time I hurried down the stairs and out the front door, a crowd had gathered around my husband and the motorcycle.

Too Shocked to Say No

I was almost ready to scream at him when he tossed a helmet to me and told me to get on. I guess I was in too much shock to reply. I had even more shock when he helped me fasten the chin strap of the helmet. Usually he wouldn’t even open the door for me, let alone do anything to help me.

I had never ridden a ‘bike’ before, so this was a very new experience. He showed me where my feet went and helped me take my place on the passenger’s seat. I recall one of the neighbor boys asking my husband questions about the motorcycle. He told the boy it was a Honda CTX-700. At the time I had no idea what that meant. I thought Honda only made cars, not motorcycles.

I don’t remember much about the first few minutes of our ride. We had turned out of the driveway, and several kids tried to chase after us. The Honda was just too fast. I also remember some of the wives standing out on their porches, watching us with awe. My face probably had the same expression.

We cruised the streets for an hour or so. People stared as we drove past. Other motorcyclists drove by and held out their left arm and gave us the ‘peace sign’. I heard some of the young men comment about it being a nice bike.

Another Surprise

There was something special about that first ride. My heart had stopped racing, and I felt calm and relaxed. It was also then that I realized I was smiling. I couldn’t remember having that much fun since I was a teenager. I even felt lik
e a teenager.

After that, we rode the Honda almost every day, even in the rain. We went on a couple of road trips across country. My husband offered to teach me how to drive it, but I was content just to be his passenger. He never explained why he decided to buy the Honda that day. He said it just seemed like the right thing to do. I have to agree with him. Our motorcycle saved our marriage. It saved the day.


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